I've been in touch with SAA's publications director, Teresa Brinati, about
shipping options for Europe and other non-North American locations.  Her
response is as follows:

>Two methods for sending a copy of EAD to Europe are:
>*      $13 via surface parcel post; 2-3 mos. delivery time
>*      $20 via US air mail; 5-7 days delivery time
>Other options are FedEx overnight or 2-day. I would have to investigate
>>costs though I'm certain it would probably exceed $20.

While the latter two options add significantly to the cost of the
publication, they would at least get it there faster.  We'll get the Tag
Library up on the Web just as quickly as we can.  You can contact Teresa at
(312) 922-0140 or [log in to unmask] if you wish to request a special
mailing method.

To answer a couple of Els' specific questions, yes, the <container> and
<physloc> elements replace <unitloc>.  The <container> fulfills the
function of the <unitloc> CONTAINERTYPE attribute, and <physloc> fulfills
the LOCTYPE attribute.  The WG was convinced that <unitloc> was trying to
do too many jobs at once.

The <abstract> element is intended primarily as a resource discovery and
recognition tool.  Ideally, it would appear in the first <did> and provide
a *very* brief summary (perhaps just a couple sentences) of the content and
context of the materials being described by the finding aid, allowing a
remote researcher to determine within the first or second screen whether
the materials are pertinent.

The <runner> element replaces the <footer> that used to be in the
<eadheader>, but fulfills the same function--to create a running footer for
print output.  The <runner> is now part of <archdesc>.

The "EAD Beta to Version 1.0 Changes" message that was sent out several
months ago accurately represents the major structural changes that were
made to EAD.  It does not reflect some of the linking elements that were
added as the XLL specifications were finalized later in the spring.


>Happy as we are with the release of the new version 1.0 of the EAD DTD, we
>are puzzled as to the exact meaning and scope of some of the NEW elements.
>After inquiries, it appears that the delivery time (to Europe) of the
>printed version of the EAD Tag Library for Version 1.0 is 8-16 (!) weeks.
>The online version is not available yet, and it is unknown when it will be
>available. We have the previous printed version of the Tag Library. Maybe
>it is possible to just describe the new elements and post the somewhere?
>In addition to the question of Massimo Castellacci, I would like to know
>what the role is of the following new elements:
><container> (In the old DTD version container was one of the possible
>attribute values of attribute "loctype" in the element <unitloc>)
><linkgrp >
><physloc>, Does the element <physloc> replace the element <unitloc> in the
>old DTD version?
><refloc >
>Although we are pretty able to make rather plausible guesses as to what the
>elements mean, we wouldn't want to base the encoding of finding aids on
>guesses. So, please help!
>NOTE: We are aware of the document: "EAD Beta to Version 1.0 Changes", but
>as the date on that document (version "Final 3: 1998 01 15") has not been
>updated since the new DTD has become available, we wonder what the status
>of this document is.
>Els van Trigt
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