Dear Eileen,

Ref. your Panorama message "nesting too deep":

A couple of weeks ago, I got that same Panorama message and resolved it by
checking the begin- and endtags of the surrounding <C0>s. The example line
you quoted in your message look all right, so I assume that the message is
generated by an erroneous end tag somewhere up - it cannot be checked from
the example given. Make sure that the nesting of the <C0>s is done
correctly and check them all the way up from your error line. I don't think
the mistake is actually within the unitdate element.
Does the document instance parse all right?

Hope this helps,

Els van Trigt
>Help Requested...
>We have been trying to get our version 1.0 finding aids to view with
Panorama but keep getting a message about "nesting to deep".  When asked to
locate this error, it places the cursor on a date within the unitdate element.
>The entire line would look like this:
><c03><did><container label="Folder"
type="folder">11:</container><unittitle>Women, research
>It also happened once with the unitdate being "n.d."
>Thank you,