The Library of Congress is pleased to announce the first release of a
search system for EAD-encoded finding aids.  Its features include:

- Cross-division searching and browsing of EAD finding aids throughout LC

- HTML versions of EAD-encoded SGML finding aids (for the convenience of
researchers not using SGML-aware browsers)

The HTML display of these finding aids is generated through OmniMark
conversion scripts, which will be modified and refined as the Library
implements version 1.0 of the DTD. The search engine used is InQuery,
which was originally developed by the Center for Intelligent Information
Retrieval at the University of Massachusetts and which is now available
commercially from Sovereign Hill Software.  This same engine is used by
the National Digital Library Program's American Memory sites.

The Library is continuing to develop advanced searching features, which
will be added to the site in future. The Library has also begun to
implement link from catalog records to EAD finding aids: within the
catalog record, the 856 field URLs point to HTML versions of the finding
aids that also link to the native SGML.

The Library is also still working on problems associated with serving very
large finding aids, such as the guide to the Federal Theatre Project
Records, which currently can be viewed only as an SGML file and cannot be
accessed through the EAD search page.

Please visit the Library of Congress search page at:
It can also be reached via the Library's EAD finding aids page,

Please let us know what you think; your comments and suggestions will help
us as our implementation evolves.

Mary Lacy
Manuscript Division, Library of Congress
(202)707-8799 fax (202)707-6336
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