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     -- Ideas for Being a Part of the National Effort --

     Here are some ideas for how you can be a part of the national effort
     to educate the public about the importance of modernizing our schools
     through construction and renovation, smaller class sizes with
     well-prepared teachers, and up-to-date technology.

     1) Define the local angle for your community
     What are the needs that you face in your community?  Are aging
     buildings failing to address the needs of students?  Are class sizes
     too large to provide children with the individual help they need to
     succeed?  Is school enrollment increasing or changing in ways that
     require new construction?  Could better access to technology improve
     teaching and learning?  What efforts already exist in your community
     that address these challenges that you face?  What more can be done to
     help every student learn to his or her potential?

     2) Highlight Needs and/or Successes
     There are many different ways that you can call attention to the
     challenges you face locally.  Consider any one or more of the
        Conduct a tour of an overcrowded or aging school facility.
        Release estimates of the construction and renovation costs of area
     schools over the coming  years, in order to meet enrollment increases
     and/or achieve the goal of reduced class size.
        Conduct a tour of a model learning environment, such as a new or
     refurbished school or classroom.
        Hold a panel discussion, town meeting, or forum, with teachers,
     parents, administrators and others relating their views and
     experiences with smaller class sizes, technology for learning, and
     classroom design.
        Demonstrate what a science teacher -- and a student -- can do if
     they have the right facilities and equipment.
        Demonstrate how technology can help teachers teach and students

     3) Link by Satellite with President Clinton
     Arrange your activity so that your participants can link with the
     national effort by satellite.  President Clinton will address all of
     the sites from approximately 2:15 until 2:45 pm Eastern time (test
     time: 1:30 - 2:15 pm).  Satellite coordinates to link to the
     President's event are as follows:

     Ku Band                                            C Band
     Telstar 5, Transponder/Channel 24                  Telstar 5,
     Transponder/Channel 17
     Dowlink frequency 12123 MHz , Horizontal polarity  Downlink frequency
     4040 MHz, Vertical polarity
     Located at 97 degrees                                      Located at
     97 degrees
     Audio 6.2/6.8                                              Audio

     If you need satellite assistance the day of the program, call Dave Cox
     of Media Technologies at  202-887-8700.  If you do not have satellite
     downlink capability, ask your local community access television
     station to broadcast the President's address live.

     4) Involve the Community and Local Media
     Invite the community to participate: business and community leaders,
     parents, teachers, principals, superintendents, mayors and other local
     elected officials, and state legislators.  Develop suggestions for
     ways that the community can help address the problems that you
     highlight.  Also, alert the local newspapers, radio and television
     stations to broaden your audience.

     5) Follow Up
     Keep track of who participated in your event, so that you can seek
     their advice, and keep them apprised of the progress that is being
     made in addressing your local needs.
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