Network Bulletin No. 98-52

Date:  September 18, 1998

Subject:  Staff, NLS

Index term:  Vacancy announcement for Supervisory Equipment
Specialist (Electronics), Materials Development Division

A vacancy announcement for a GS-12 Supervisory Equipment
Specialist  in the NLS Materials Development Division Office
is attached.  Vacancy Announcement Number 980230 contains
instructions on how to apply for this position.

For employment application forms, call (202) 707-5627 or
write to:

Library of Congress
Employment Office
Staffing/Recruitment Group
101 Independence Avenue SE, LM 107
Washington, DC 20540-2295

or contact the Internet site:


For further information please contact:

Wells B. Kormann, Chief
Materials Development Division

[This bulletin contained a vacancy announcement,
which is available through the above Internet site.]