Network Bulletin No. 98-53

Date: September 25, 1998

Subject: Staff, Network

Index term: Vacancy--Maryland

R. Lee Starr, Employment Specialist, Maryland State
Department of Education, has asked us to publicize vacancy
039745 for a professional position of Staff Specialist III,
Library Services ($37,791 - $49,359) at the Library for the
Blind and Physically Handicapped in Baltimore.  The vacancy
announcement is attached.  The closing date for application
is October 16, 1998.  Please direct any specific questions
or responses to Human Resource Management Branch on 410-333-
2083 or TTY/TDD 410-333-3045 at the following address:

Staff Employment Section
Human Resource Management Branch
Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

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mailed to the network on September 25, 1998.]

For further information contact:

Carolyn Hoover Sung
Chief, Network Division