BIBCO colleagues:  Greetings!  We didn't pop any corks last night, so
there are no morning after effects.  Our heads are clear for the end of
the year statistical work.  I have contacted a few of you to clarify the
contributions displayed on your individual pages in the PCC web site, but
if any of you feel we've missed any reports or see the need to adjust the
numbers, please contact me.

I've learned the technique of checking which libraries have already
reported their Sept. 1998 stats, and I see 6 reports registered.  Here's
an urgent reminder that we're trying to meet deadlines for the PCC annual
report, and we'll be running the stats cumulation program within a day or
two.  Please complete and submit your web page BIBCO stats today!

Next year, maybe I'll get one of the frequent flier programs to kick in a
few thousand extra miles for the libraries who report on time, every time!

Thanks again for your help.  By my calculation, a mere 1170 records in
September will put us above the FY97 total of 29907.  Let's make it a
record-breaking year!

Carolyn Sturtevant
Cooperative Cataloging
Library of Congress
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