BIBCO colleagues:

Announcing a simpler reporting calendar for BIBCO in FY99!  Simply count
your stats to the end of any calendar month, and report them as soon as
possible in the following month, preferably within the first 10 days.
(David has been running the program on the 15th, but we haven't discussed
his FY99 calendar yet...)

In previous years, I have calculated the end of each statistical
month based on a system we use at LC.  I have slowly come to realize
that our formula has no application for the BIBCO program, so we'll just
follow all the Impressionist, and Dilbert, and Sierra Club calendars
hanging on our walls instead.  Thanks, Susan Cook Summer of Columbia for
opening my eyes!

Our greatest wish is that you report consistently each month so that we
know we're not missing any numbers.  The web page totals showed a few
gaps, but with messages to a few BIBCO libraries I was able to gather a
truer picture of the FY98 totals:

23123 Full
14436 Core
37559 Total (29907 was the FY97 total)

Congratulations on a record-breaking year!

Carolyn Sturtevant
Cooperative Cataloging
Library of Congress
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