The missing minimization parameters in element declarations are
intentional. XML proscribes tag minimization and the use of the
minimization parameters. SGML, of course, supports tag minimization,
provided the OMITTAG FEATURE in the SGML declaration is "OMITTAG YES". The
eadsgml.dcl file contains the SGML declaration for EAD version 1.0. OMITTAG
is NO, indicating that the minimization parameters need not be supplied,
and that tag minimization is not allowed in the instance.

All of this is to make it possible for EAD to function as both an SGML and
XML DTD. Problems arise with software that does not support the SGML
FEATURE OMITTAG fully, which is to say, with either the value NO or YES.
OpenText evidently assumes that all DTDs are conforming to an SGML
declaration with OMITTAG YES.

Thus the problem here is with OpenText, and not with the DTD as such. Your
workaround is exactly what you need to do to  get OpenText to work with EAD
version 1.0, though you should check with the vendor to see if it is
possible to get the software to work with the DTD without having to modify
it. If you intend to be share your EAD-encoded finding aids with others,
and sharing the DTD with them, then you will want to share the DTD in its
official form, that is, without the minimization parameters.


At 05:01 PM 10/19/1998 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm finally getting around to updating our finding aid from the
>beta DTD to v.1, and indexing it using the files distributed
>at the LC site. I've used the Author/Editor rules file until now,
>so I hadn't really looked at the DTD until today. When I tried
>to index it using OpenText, I got a number of error messages,
>and discovered that the file eadbase.ent is missing the minimization
>indicators. As distributed, all of the elements in this file are
>formatted like this in "eadbase.ent":
><!ELEMENT ead               (eadheader, frontmatter?, archdesc)  >
>whereas they should include the "-" or "O" to indicate whether
>the open and close tags are required or optional:
><!ELEMENT ead        - -    (eadheader, frontmatter?, archdesc)  >
>Once I added these indicators to all the elements, I was able to index
>my file. This seems to be a fairly serious error in the DTD--has anyone
>else pointed this out yet?
>Perry Willett
>Main Library
>Indiana University
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