This is a very good question that I have thought about as we plan for =
conversion to EAD. I would like to recast it in terms of styles.

If repeats box number with every folder, would it be possible to develop a =
style that displays only the first occurrence of a box number, that is, =
display it only when it changes? That way you have the option of displaying=
 all box numbers or the box number only once. I don't know enough about =
styles to know whether they can do what I suggest. If they do, if the =
final output is a function of a style, then it agrues for entering more =
data--repeating the box numbers--rather than less, to give you maximum =

>>> Katherine Hayes <[log in to unmask]> 10/1/98 9:51:04 AM >>>
Earlier this year I finished my first EAD (beta) finding aid. In the
container list, I included the box number with each folder, because I was
taught this was the *correct* way to do it. The justification was that in
viewing a digital document with many boxes and many folders, the box =
might not be evident unless it was included with each folder. [Example:
<c02><did><unitloc>Box 1, </unitloc><unitloc>Folder 2</unitloc>
   <unittitle>Folder title</unittitle></did></c02>
<c02><did><unitloc>Box 1, </unitloc><unitloc>Folder 3</unitloc>
   <unittitle>Folder title</unittitle></did></c02>

Now I'm working on my first EAD v.1 finding aid. In looking at v.1 =
on the web, I find some indicate the Box number only once, at the =
of the list of contents for each box. [See the "Papers of Michael =
Rostovzeff" finding aid at Duke, and the sample finding aid on RLG web =
site:]  Has there been a change in what =
considered "best practice"?

I'd like to re-open some discussion on the pros/cons of these two =
tagging styles (in v.1, although the theory will probably apply to =
Do you use <container type=3D"box"> once for each box, or do you repeat =
box with each folder?  What are current thoughts on this and why?  Please
post responses to the list. Thanks.
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