Why do you want to do DSSSL and not XSL?

If XSL is really a superset of DSSSL as claimed, there seems to be few
advantages in going the DSSL route.  There are several xsl based
transformational tools that will convert xml output to html.  It seems
that xsl (or CCS) will be transformation/presentation language for the
Web.  I know that DSSSL is probably still first in the minds and hearts
of diehard SGML folks but it seems a bit of dead end.

Any takers on this argument?

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> Subject:      DSSSL for EAD
> We're starting to explore the possibilities of writing DSSSL
> stylesheets to transform EAD-encoded documents into HTML-encoded
> documents (and possibly print output too), using James Clark's Jade
> engine.
> Has anyone any experience of using DSSSL to process EAD-encoded
> documents please? Any stylesheets they would be prepared to share?
> We need to get to grips with DSSSL for other purposes in any case, so
> we're not expecting to short-circuit what I have a feeling may be
> quite a demanding learning process, but it's always helpful to hear
> of others' experiences.
> Thanks
> Pete Johnston
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