On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, Katherine Hayes wrote:

> Do you use <container type="box"> once for each box, or do you repeat the
> box with each folder?  What are current thoughts on this and why?  Please

        At UVM I did two inventories using the box number at the beginning
of the box only. As I was searching in those inventories, I found myself
looking at screens showing me that the term I had sought appeared in the
title of Folder 24, and again in Folder 32 and again in Box 15 Folder 3.
In other words, by posting the box number only once, I had no clue as to
what box I should look in unless the folder happened to be one of the
folders at the front of the box. I found scrolling to find the nearest box
number very annoying and changed my ways.  I now include the the box
number with every folder.

        My $.02

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