To start with your finding aid doesn't have the right
DOCTYPE declaration. Try substituting the version 1

<!DOCTYPE EAD PUBLIC "-//Society of American Archivists//DTD
ead.dtd (Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Version 1.0)//EN" [

It's the exact same as the one you have but with "Version 1.0"
added. If this still doesn't work then you may need to add
an entry pointing the new DOCTYPE declaration to the version 1
DTD in your catalog file, but I'm betting your catalog file
is correct. By the way, when I substituted in the correct
DOCTYPE declaration I found a few parsing errors. This may
lead to other problems with Panorama. Let me know if you
need any more help with this.

P.S. The earliest pre-release versions of EAD version 1.0
still used the old public identifier for EAD beta. I'm not
surprised that a few version 1.0 finding aids still use it.


Alvin Pollock
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At 12:00 PM 10/4/98 +0200, C. Franklin Thomas wrote:
>Hi All,
>This is a very simple problem, and I know the answer will be simple, but I
>am stumped. I am trying to load a document I recently edited,
>and Panorama keeps giving me the error message
>"undeclared element 'CONTAINER'"
>specifically, in the <dsc> portion of the document.
>I have already downloaded the latest EAD version 1 files from LOC's site,
>and placed these files in the same directory as my sgml files, as I had
>done previously with my beta EAD files.
>Any ideas why Panorama is not finding <container> as a valid element?
>Chuck Thomas
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