I'm finally getting around to updating our finding aid from the
beta DTD to v.1, and indexing it using the files distributed
at the LC site. I've used the Author/Editor rules file until now,
so I hadn't really looked at the DTD until today. When I tried
to index it using OpenText, I got a number of error messages,
and discovered that the file eadbase.ent is missing the minimization
indicators. As distributed, all of the elements in this file are
formatted like this in "eadbase.ent":

<!ELEMENT ead               (eadheader, frontmatter?, archdesc)  >

whereas they should include the "-" or "O" to indicate whether
the open and close tags are required or optional:

<!ELEMENT ead        - -    (eadheader, frontmatter?, archdesc)  >

Once I added these indicators to all the elements, I was able to index
my file. This seems to be a fairly serious error in the DTD--has anyone
else pointed this out yet?

Perry Willett
Main Library
Indiana University
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