FLICC Meeting Announcement MA 99-6

1998 FLICC Symposium on the Information Professional

Contracting Out: Making It Your Job

Librarians have been using contracting out as a management tool for =
yearsserials agents, book jobbers and approval plans, document suppliers, =
cataloging utilities, retrospective conversion process interlibrary loan =
partners! Government's current mandate for efficiency and reducing the =
federal workforce makes outsourcing especially appealing to agency =

Librarians need to be aware of outsourcing and its alternatives, learn how =
to keep some activities in-house, and expand their skills as contract =
writers and administrators. Join library experts to discuss the current =
context for federal outsourcing and learn to take control of your =
contracts and to take credit for your contracting success.

Date: Friday, November 13, 1998

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.)

Place: Mumford Room, 6th floor, Madison Building, Library of Congress--Use =
the Main Entrance at 1st and Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, DC

Metro: Capitol South (Orange and Blue lines)

Sponsor: FEDLINK Network Operations

Registration: $125 (includes morning refreshments and handouts)--call =
FLICC (202) 707-4800--Interpreting services (American Sign Language, =
Contact Signing, Oral and/or Tactical) will be provided if requested five =
(5) business days in advance of the event. For other ADA Accommodations, =
please contact the Library's ADA Coordinator at (202) 707-9948 (TTY) or =
(202) 707-7544 (Voice).

Information: Call FLICC (202) 707-4800; TTY (202) 707-4995

Cancellations: Please notify FLICC (202) 707-4800 if you cannot attend so =
those on the waiting list have an opportunity to register.

Part One: The Efficiency Mandate

The morning program will update federal librarians on federal outsourcing =
rules, an explanation of the "most efficient organization" concept, and a =
risk/benefit analysis of contracting out library and information services. =
Morning speakers feature Stephen M. Sorrett, the Director of Outsourcing =
and Privatization and Director of Government Contract Services for Grant =
Thornton, L.L.P., and representatives from a variety of federal agencies =
who will share their outsourcing experiences.

Part Two: Three Steps to Contracting for Success

The afternoon program will outline the three steps of contracting for =

* Writing a good statement of work up front--involving stakeholders, =
establishing performance measures, and remembering the odds and ends;

* Keeping involved on a day-to-day basis--letting contractors really join =
the team, and holding them accountable for their performance;

* Maintaining perspective--taking stock, reporting to management, and =
changing course when necessary.