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If you know of any possible candidates for a Librarian Intern position or
you have a local library school nearby, I would appreciate your passing this
information on. The individual does not have to be a civil service status
employee. This is an excellent opportunity for a beginning librarian, or
graduating library school student who would be interested in working for the
military. The primary location for this position will be in the Pentagon
Library, with rotational assignments at various Army libraries in the
Washington DC area. Official announcement can be found at
http:\\ and is also at http:\\

Librarian (Intern), GS-1410-07/09

The Department of the Army

Job Opportunity Announcement D30799ER

Opening Date:  October 14, 1998

Closing Date: November 4,1998; A request has been made to extend the closing
date to December 4, 1998. It has not confirmed as of 22 October; please for change in status.

Pay Plan-Series: GS-1410

Grade: 07

Full Performance Grade (FPG): 09


Position Title:  Librarian (Intern)

Salary:  $26,532 - $34,487 per annum

Region:  Army National Capital Region

Organization:  PN - Total Army Personnel Command, US Army ACTED Student

Duty Station:  Arlington, VA, USA

Area of Consideration:
  1. Non-status.

Duties:  The primary purpose of this position is to provide on-the-job
experience in learning and performing professional library tasks.  Provides
reference/ research service to library patrons with emphasis upon
state-of-the-art information delivery, online information retrieval systems
both commercial and governmental.  Conducts customer reference interviews to
ascertain information needs, discern exact information sources that satisfy
customer requirements and timeframes in which the information is
needed.Performs initial research service, utilizing automated and manual
sources. Learns to apply cataloging theories and principles to practice,
cataloging actual collections of military information available in various

Qualification Requirements:  Applicants must meet the basic requirements
specified.  (1) Completion of  one full academic year of graduate study in
library science in an accredited college or university, in addition to
completion of all work required for a bachelor's degree; OR (2) Completion
of all the requirements for a 5th year bachelor's degree in library science
and at least one year of library experience that included the performance of
duties in one or more functional areas of librarianship at the GS-05 or
higher grade level; OR (3)  A total of at least five years of a combination
of college level education, training, and/or experience.  To qualify on this
basis, the applicant must establish conclusively that the education,
training, and/or experience provided a knowledge and understanding of the
theories, principles, and techniques of professional librarianship; a
knowledge of literature resources; and the knowledge and abilities essential
for providing effective library services.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  This position will be filled at the GS-07 level,
with noncompetitive promotions to the GS-09 level upon satisfactory
performance and completion of requirements.  The incumbent will serve in a
formal Department of the Army Career Intern Program and will be required to
sign a mobility agreement.

Applicant must have superior academic achievement (SAA).  SAA is based on
class standing, grade point average or honor society membership.

Selective Placement Factors/Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSA's):
SUPPLEMENTAL EXPERIENCE STATEMENT: It is highly recommended that the
applicants address the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA's) which are
listed below.  Applicants are encouraged to use a separate sheet of plain
paper to describe their experience, education, and training which
demonstrated possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities required for
successful performance in each of the ranking factors below (please sign and
date each supplemental sheet).  These statements are not used to determine
minimum qualification requirements.

METHOD OF EVALUATION: Applicants will be evaluated to ensure that they meet
any selective factors, minimum qualifications, and eligibility requirements
established by OPM.  Applicants who meet all requirements will be evaluated
further in terms of job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities, to
determine the best-qualified candidates for referral to the selecting


FACTOR 1:  Knowledge of automated integrated library systems and other
automated database systems.

FACTOR 2:  Knowledge of library reference procedures and services, including
use of manual and electronic reference sources.

FACTOR 3:  Knowledge of library cataloging and classification principles,
theories, and procedures, including use of manual and electronic sources.

FACTOR 4:  Ability to communicate effectively in oral and written form with
an emphasis on outreach and customer service.

FACTOR 5:  Ability to plan and carry out work assignments.

Standard/Other Requirements:
This recruitment provides promotion opportunity to target position without
further competition when selectee is eligible and recommended by management.

 If qualified based on education, applicant must provide official

Permanent change of station funds will be authorized.

This position requires you to sign a mobility agreement.

This position is designated critical sensitive, as defined in DoD 5200.2-R
and therefore requires that a personnel security investigation be
adjudicated for security eligibility on a preappointment basis. This
requirement may take up to 120 days or longer to process.

If you are a DISPLACED FEDERAL EMPLOYEE, you may be entitled to receive
special priority selection under the Interagency Career Transition
Assistance Plan (ICTAP).  Applicants applying for special consideration
under 5 CFR Part 330 Subpart B, F, or G must:
a. Submit proof of eligibility, i.e., RIF Separation Notice, Certificate of
Expected Separation, or other agency certification that they are in a
surplus organization or occupation.  In addition, such applicants must
submit their current (or last) performance rating of record of at least
fully successful or equivalent.  (This requirement does not apply to
candidates who are eligible due to compensable injury or disability
b. Be applying for a position at or below the grade level of the position
from which you are being separated.  The position must not have a greater
promotion potential than the position from which you are separated;
c. Occupy or be displaced from a position in the same local commuting area
of the position for which you are requesting priority consideration;
d. File your application by the vacancy closing date and meet all
application criteria;
e. Be rated well qualified for the position.  To be considered well
qualified you must meet all qualification requirements and meet the above
average rating criteria developed for the position.

Selection for this position is contingent upon proof of U.S. citizenship.

Direct Deposit: As a condition of employment, candidates appointed,
competitively promoted or reassigned are required to enroll and participate
in Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer within 60 days following the
effective date of that action.

Application/Resume deadline: Application/Resume must be postmarked by the
Closing Date of the Vacancy Announcement.

Failure to provide all of the required information may result in an
ineligible rating or may affect the overall rating.

Male applicants born after December 31, 1959, are required to complete a
Pre-Employment Certification Statement for Selective Service registration
prior to appointment.  Failure to comply may be grounds for withdrawal of an
offer of employment, or dismissal after appointment.

Help speed the selection process by keeping your resume or application brief
and by sending only the requested materials.  Type or print clearly in dark

--Before hiring, an agency will ask you to complete a Declaration for
Federal Employment to determine your suitability for Federal employment and
to authorize a background investigation.  The agency will also ask you to
sign and certify the accuracy of all the information in your application. If
you make a false statement in any part of your application, you may not be
hired; you may be fired after you begin work; or you may be fined or jailed.
--The law prohibits public officials from appointing, promoting, or
recommending their relatives.
--Federal annuitants (military and civilian) may have their salaries or
annuities reduced. All employees must pay any valid delinquent debts or the
agency may garnish their salary.

HOW TO APPLY: You may apply with a SF-171 (Application for Federal
Employment) OR any of the following alternative formats: OF 612 (Optional
Application for Federal Employment), a Resume or any other written format
you choose provided it includes the following information:

Job information
--Announcement number, title and grade(s) of the job for which you are

Personal Information
--Full name, mailing address (ZIP Code), day and evening phone numbers (with
area code)
--Social Security Number
--Country of Citizenship (Most Federal jobs require United States
--Veteran's preference (To claim 5-point veterans' preference, or VRA
eligibility attach a copy of your Member 4 of  your  DD-214, Certificate of
Release or Discharge from active duty, or other proof of eligibility.  To
claim 10-point veterans' preference, attach a SF 15, Application for
10-Point Veterans' Preference, plus the proof required by that form.)

--The Defense Authorization Act of  November 18, 1997, extended veterans
preference to persons who served on active duty during the Gulf War from
August 2, 1990, through January 2, 1992.  The law grants preference to
persons otherwise eligible and who served on active duty during this
period,regardless of where the person served or for how long.  The law also
authorizes the Secretary of each military department to award the Armed
Forces Expeditionary Medal for services in Bosnia during the period November
20, 1995, to a date to be determined.  The award of the Medal is qualifying
for veterans preference.  More information on veterans preference is
available in the VetGuide that may be found on the United States Office of
Personnel Management web site at

--High School Name, City and State (ZIP Code if known), Date of diploma or
--Colleges and Universities name, City, and State (ZIP Code if known),
majors, type and year of any degrees received (If no degree, show total
credits earned and indicate whether semester or quarter hours.)

Work Experience
--Indicate if we may contact your current supervisor
--Give the following information for your paid and nonpaid work experience
related to the job for which you are applying. (Do not send job
        Job title (Include series and grade, if Federal job.)
        Duties and accomplishments
        Employer's name and address
        Supervisor's name and phone number
        Starting and ending dates (month and year)
        Hours per week

Other Qualifications
--Job-related training courses (title and year)
--Job-related skills  (Example: other languages, computer software/hardware,
tools, machinery, typing speed.)
--Job-related certificates or licenses (current only)
--Job-related honors, awards, and special accomplishments  (Example:
publications, memberships in professional societies, leadership
activities,public speaking, and performance awards.)  (Give dates but do not
send documents unless requested.)

Applications received in government postage-paid envelopes, through
government distribution, or by telefacsimilie will not be considered.

All candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, religion,
color, sex, age, national origin, lawful political affiliation, marital
status, union membership, or other nondisqualifying physical or mental

If your resume or application does not provide all the information required,
you may lose consideration for this job.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the announcement only if

Applications will not be returned.

FOR JOB INFORMATION CONTACT: Allen Kessler (703) 614-0119.

WHERE TO APPLY: Submit your application/resume to:

Department of the Army
Civilian Personnel Operations Center
Army National Capital Region
P.O. Box 430
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-0430

Handcarried applications may be directly submitted in the Army National
Capital Region  Drop Boxes located on 21st Street at Fort Belvoir, VA.   For
your convenience, applications may be placed in the Drop Box at  either
Building 212 or Building 216.  Both Drop Boxes are located on the rear
exterior entrance wall of these buildings adjacent  to the rear parking lot.