Hi Mel and all,

Bill Tally here.  Mel, I wonder -- since lots of people are trying to prepare
presentations on AM -- did you learn any lessons in your presentation at UCLA?
Were there things you did that seemed particularly successful or useful for that
audience, or conversely, things you might do differently next time?

Look forward to hearing more (whenever you get a chance!)

Subject: Re: Cal Update
From:    American Memory Fellows <[log in to unmask]> at Internet
Date:    11/7/98  5:27 PM

Hi Laura,

We'll pass along whatever we come across both positive and
contructively negative.

Since this will be our first year, we'll be new at the whole process.

But I think that what they have seen so far in AM collections, Cal's
Gold video series and Duke's Center for Doc Studies will help them
along quite a bit.  We'll go back to some other episodes of Cal Gold
to review and remind.

BTW the UCLA presentation went well with about 25-30 in the audience.
Many stayed afterward to discuss applying to to AMF for next year, to
talk generally about the LOC website and to inquire more about our
specific project.  Surprisingly, it seems like changes in demographics
is quite a hot topic.

Now to change things a bit for the Monterey Conf.

Take care all,  Mel

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