Dear Jane,

Since he is currently the subject of a large Library of Congress exhibit, it's
interesting to speculate about what Dr. Freud might say about your
'unintentional slip' into inappropriate material.  Would he say you've simply
expressed your excitement and passion for working with online resources?  Having
had to contend with comments about his cigar, I'd like to think he would come up
with a consoling reminder that "Sometimes a web site is just a web site."

In solidarity,
(having made the same 'slips' in front of even larger audiences),

Bill Tally
Subject: Problems real and averted
From:    American Memory Fellows <[log in to unmask]> at Internet
Date:    10/30/98  9:10 AM

How interesting to read about problems with the site on 10/29.  Here I was
chairing our Social Studies department in preparation for Open House (many
private schools in St.Louis have Open House on first Sunday in November)
and I'm saying to my department that we should have the big screen internet
hook-up set to the American Memory home page and let visitors click in
their birth date for This Day in History by going to the archives.  Problem
one:  lots of dates said there was not a page for a specific date (I did my
 family  birthdays).  Is that an ongoing problem?  I've used the archives
before with success.  Next, I mada a small three letter mistake at the
keyboard which has changed my persona at school considerably.  Instead of
typing in I typed in the first part with .com behind it.  It
unfortunately is a porno site and our cyberpatrol in our school was down.
You can imagine the responses both serious and playful. The result to date
is that our Cyber screen at school is now repaired and every other group of
teachers think that our department meetings sound like more fun than the
stuff usually discussed there.  My gang is willing to sell tickets to our
meetings next week.  Never a dull moment!  Jane