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> Hi Mel and all,
> Bill Tally here.  Mel, I wonder -- since lots of people are trying
to prepare
> presentations on AM -- did you learn any lessons in your
presentation at UCLA?

It's good to have a copresenter like Marilyn.  While I did the
technical stuff, she stole the show by explaining the institute
itself.  People were interested in both, but without handson
possiblity, she really woke people up.  We used both a projector,
which didn't works so well, and hard copies.  We figured if the power
went off, we could go outside and use the  hard copies, which saved
the presentation we made.
> Were there things you did that seemed particularly successful or
useful for that
> audience, or conversely, things you might do differently next time?

For presentation on Sat., we will concentrate more on the Learning
Page lessons since this conference is more geared across curricula.
The UCLA conf were specifically for second language learners.  We love
the title:  With Different Eyes.
> Look forward to hearing more (whenever you get a chance!)
> Bill

Ps  Will be submitting an NEH grant proposal in Arpil and would like
your feedback, and a letter of support from you and the LOC.  Is that

  Take care,  Mel
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