98 Fellows Amy Donnelly and Elizabeth Ridgway are wonderful contributors
to our working group list serve.  Their posts have been great and
Elizabeth agreed for me to post this to the larger group.
Monica Edinger

Amy and I are still plugging along.  The students have written the first
drafts of their news articles and are in the process of doing the final
drafts.  They will come in on Monday.  I'm having as many students as
bring in their articles on disk.  This will save typing time in class as we
convert the articles to HTML.

A couple of students are having difficulty writing a "news" story as their
picture doesn't lend itself to a news story on a specific event.  One
has a picture of a cannon with the date being 1860-1865.  Doesn't really
it down.  So, he's done research on the history of that particular cannon
other artillery and is writing a "feature" story on the weapons of the war.
Seems to be a good compromise.

Starting on Monday, we'll be working on the HTML programming which takes a
fair amount of time - I have 4 386 computers in my class for 90 students to
work on.  Needless to say, it may be awhile before they are all posted!
a similar endeavor worked last year - with the scanning of 100 graphics,
so I'm not too worried.

Hope everyone else is learning as much from their projects - not to mention
having as much fun - as we are with ours.