Hi All,

Below is a terrific new website that sums up and extends many of the themes,
strategies and tools at the heart of our Institute.  I can't recommend it enough
-- especially for those of you who may be needing a 'boost' at this busy time of

It's been created as a joint project of Bret Eynon's American Social History
Project (yes that's right, our own Bret!) and the folks at George Mason
University's Center for History and New Media.

Here's the url:

I've only begun to probe the riches here.  I especially recommend the 'browse'
feature on the home page -- the list of elements there alone suggests a much
richer approach to teaching and learning history than most books or websites.

We'll want to wrap this into the next Institute, certainly -- so please write
and tell us all what you find important and useful.

Cheers, Bill Tally