Greetings All,

Marilyn and I have begun our long term project and so far it is going
well.  We've gone through about 5 phases of our 9 step process.  We've
had the students do an answer the questions assignment for the
presentation on Life Histories.  I backed up the internet with
documents, and it was a good thing I did!  Ten minutes into internet
time, it went down so we went to Plan B with documents of the Voices
of the 30's presentation.  The kids were very intense as they looked
on the 23 computers for about 35-40 students per class.  Most students
shared a computer.

The second phase of using California's Gold went tremendously well.
They understand the idea of creating categories for interviewing, and
while watching the video, they learned many interviewing techniques.

Phase 3 of going back to the library to access Duke's Center for
Documentary Studies was also backed up by file documents which the
kids used almost exclusively.
Since there was so much for them to do, they have been given a week to
go on their own during and after school to finish up.

Phase 4 this week, they took photos from AM and docs from Life
Histories and are creating their own collections.  They're having a
great time cutting and pasting (literally) and putting together all
this stuff.

Next week they'll start to select their own categories and create
their own questions for their informants.  I've been making a list of
informants to represent both contemporary and past eras of Santa Ana.

Marilyn and I will be presenting at a ESL Conference for teachers at
UCLA on Sat.  Hope all goes well.  Judith's email on possible ways to
use LOC has been reformatted and will be an important part of our
presentation.  THANKS JUDITH!  Your name's on the title page.

Next week we give a similar presentation at a state Tech conference in

Take care all,

Mel & Marilyn
Mel Sanchez
Santa Ana High School
520 W. Walnut
Santa Ana, CA  92701
fax 714-567-4952

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