Hi Cathy,
Thanks for the info.  Great tip about a tape recorder!  We used the low
tech approach (overhead transparencies) and told teachers that we were
demonstrating ways to use the materials that did not depend on a computer
in the classroom.  The focus was on techniques with primary sources more
than what the web site contained.

Mel Sanchez (also in California) downloaded some of the website onto a
local computer and showed the website without being connected to the
internet.  I'm sure he'd be glad to share his secrets.  That might help you
in your next foray in demonstrating American Memory.

We do that here (use webpages on a laptop/local computer) - even in the
Visitors' Center.  It sure takes the pressure off wondering whether the
technology will work or not.

Let us know how things go.  If you need any tips, ask the listserv - we'll
try to help.


At 08:59 PM 11/25/98 EST, you wrote:
>        Judy Drummond and I did a very low tech presentation on American
Memory at
>the CSLA (California School Librarians Association) Conference last weekend.
>We used transparencies, blowups of photo's and a tape recorder for some of
>sound files.  We thought that it went pretty well.  The biggest comment on
>evaluation sheets was that they would have liked to see how it went on a real
>computer.  We did not have access to one though.
>        I am hoping that we can do one for our district social studies
teachers in a
>computer lab.  They are just starting to plan the staff development days and
>we have asked to be on the list of workshops.
>Cathy Johnson
>Horace Mann Middle School
>San Francisco,  CA  94110
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