Thanks Eliz/Amy...a great idea to provide PDF and HTML versions!  Everyone
using your materials can look like a "pro."

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"It is important that students bring a certain ragamuffin barefoot
irreverence to their studies; they are not here to worship what is known,
but to question it."  (Jacob Bronowski)

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> Congratulations Elizabeth and Amy!
> It's wonderful that you've been able to move ahead so quickly, do
> so much with
> your students, and share the results with us on your website. You
> being 'out of
> the starting gate' so fast gives us ALL a great chance to think
> about where
> we're headed in having kids work with these primary materials.
> Calling all fellows!  I especially recommend looking at and
> thinking about:
>     -- the student work Elizabeth and Amy have posted
>     -- the 'materials to download' (student handouts, etc.) they've posted
> What do you all think?  I hope everyone will share their comments
> and questions
> with Elizabeth and Amy, and the group.
> Cheers to all -- and Happy Thanksgiving!
> Bill Tally
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> Subject: Civil War News Articles
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> Date:    11/23/98  6:10 PM
> Hi all!
> Just wanted to touch base with the whole group about the project
> on which Amy
> and I have been working.  We had our students chose photographs from the
> Mathew Brady collection and analyze them.  They then had to
> research and write
> news articles to accompany the photographs.  The project went well and we
> recently uploaded all of the files.  Please take a look at our
> students' work!

We are in the process of editing our lesson plan and uploading teacher
materials.  We'll let you know when those are complete!

Elizabeth Ridgway