DERRICK CLEMENTS asked about the following error message in

> "Error in Document Type Definition: Name too long.  The length of a
> name must not exceed NAMELEN (8) characters.  The value of NAMELEN
> can be increased using an SGML Declaration."

Look for a file named sgml.dec. Then, within that file, look for the
NAMELEN statement. It will probably say:
      NAMELEN      8

NAMELEN controls the length of the tags you are allowed to use. 8
characters is the usual default.
Since you are using a DTD which has element names longer than 8
characters, change the number after it to something larger, at least as
large as the longest tag name that you have. Save the file. Open
RulesBuilder, and when you build the rules click the "SGML Declaration"
button  in the Build Rules dialog box and choose the newly revised
sgml.dec file.

You can read more (but not much!) about NAMELEN and the SGML declaration
file in the RulesBuilder Help files.

Good luck!

- Hope

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