What parser or software are you using? It is strange that it would tell you
there is a "syntax error" when the solution you describe has nothing to do
with SGML or XML syntax as such.

My guess is that your files are on a Unix platform. Unix is case-sensitive
with respect to file names: EAD.DTD and ead.dtd are two different file
names. If this is the case, you could avoid changing all of the
declarations by simply changing the filename to uppercase.


At 12:11 PM 11/12/1998 GMT0BST, you wrote:
>Dear all
>At Warwick we have begun switching to version 1.0 of EAD. Today I
>placed some of the version 1.0 files on server but when I came to
>check them an error message appeared telling me that there is a
>'syntax error in dtd'. After a bit of tweaking I tried changing the
>declaration from "EAD.DTD" to "ead.dtd". The files liked that and
>have since worked. What I would like to check before changing all the
>sgml files we have here (which aren't too many but I can still think
>of better things to do with my time) is that I have found the right
>solution to the original error.
>My apologies if this has already been discussed. I do remember
>something about upper/lower case differences but I recall that
>concerned XML. Thanks for your time,
>Alan Crookham
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