Hello all,

I recently started working with Janet Murray at the MIT Center for
Educational Computing Initiatives on her Jewish Women Archives project and
she's decided she wants to archive it into a database. At the same time, we
have agreed that we want to develop an XML-compatible markup to denote the
archival material, (for future use.)

I started looking through the DTD on LOC's FTP site and found it referenced
several entity declarations but no actual XML DTD. I guess my biggest
problem is that I came into the picture with my background purely in XML
and what I new of SGML was that it was the basis for XML but nothing more.

A few questions that I need help answering:

1. How would I reference ead.dtd in an XML file? Like a normal Doc type Dec?

2. In examining the SGML tag set for EAD there are hundreds of elements to
choose from. How do I know what would be best to use for our project?

3. Should I go ahead and create my own DTD based on the tags we will be
using from the EAD DTD?

Any help or guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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