At 08:18 AM 11/19/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Sure.  xml is just a form of sgml after all.   There are a few
>differences that need to be addressed.  These are in the text for the
>new application guidelines which I don't have here at work but which I
>will post to the list tomorrow.

Please do.

>You need the EAD Tag Library, available from the Society of American
>Archivists.   See also the Summer and Fall 1997 issues of the American

I already have a copy. Sorting through it is rather cubmersome, though :)

>Well of course one can always create one's own DTD but then you lose any
>opportunity for interchange with others.  Guess it depends on what you
>want to do with the data.  thoough in any event, why would you want to
>create a new DTD that is a subset of EAD instead of just using a subset
>of EAD directly?

I notice that Duke University did something similar to what you suggested
and obviously we do want to be able to interchange with everyone. I'm just
trying to figure out the best tags to use since there are so many of them.

How have others dealt with the task of sorting through the tag set and
picking out what you'll use?
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