Here a Beinecke, we've started to switch to Multidoc Pro
as our default SGML browser. One of the main reasons
(I would say the deciding reason) was its ability to format
documents for a printer. Beinecke had predicated its implementation
of EAD on the basis of being able to have one core document for
indexing, display, and printing. With Multidoc pro, we are at last
able to satisfy this requirement.

There are a few glitches evident in MDPro, most notably:
TEI-child navigation is faulty;
Search navigation buttons are not always available;
External references MUST be declared as external entities -
you cannot do the "ext.ptr" shorthand;
There is no freeware version.

But here are some more "pros":
Can open multiple instances (separate windows);
Full range of search options;
Can use existing auxiliary files from other SGML browsers;
Can attach multiple navigators;
Hypertext links within the same table work

We are using the plug-in for browsing and the full version
for editing auxiliary files.

Timothy Young
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Yale University
New Haven, CT  06520
(203) 432-8131

At 03:38 PM 11/2/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Has anyone looked at the Multidoc Pro SGML Browser? I
>haven't had time to look very closely at it. Their website
>is at <>.
>I'd be interested in hearing more from anyone who's used it.
>Perry Willett
>Main Library
>Indiana University
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>On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Katherine Hayes wrote:
>> Last Friday I checked and found that SoftQuad is no longer providing their
>> free/limited time Panorama viewer.  Interleaf, who purchased A/E and
>> Panorama, has not yet made their links live (any hint when they will? email
>> to them bounced back).  For web sites that require Panorama for viewing,
>> this been a problem for your users (any complaints)?
>> I noticed that some links are to older versions of the free viewer. We have
>> tried downloading it from various web sites (as a test), and are having a
>> bit of trouble getting it to work. Does the Win3.1 version work on Win95?
>> Although this is not our permanent solution to web access to EAD finding
>> aids, right now it's all we've got.  Thanks for any and all responses!
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