Machines and Accessories Report No. 98-09

Date: November 6, 1998

Subject: NLS Machine-repair Video

A new NLS machine repair video depicts how to recondition a
C-1 cassette book machine (CBM).  The 80-minute film, NLS
Reconditioning Procedures for Cassette Book Machines,
emphasizes the importance of having a quality control system
within repair groups.  The viewer is "walked through" the
process checking a reconditioned C-1 CBM against the NLS
standards.  The film reviews common types of repair problems
a volunteer repair person might encounter.  In addition, it
demonstrates replacing a playback head, conducting frequency
response testing (including the checking of head alignment),
removing and replacing torque-producing components, and
setting the machine's playback speed.  The film provides
good close-up shots of small components such as playback
heads.  The viewer can clearly see the details of proper
machine reconditioning.

NLS Reconditioning Procedures for Cassette Book Machines
should provide a valuable aid to trainers who attended a
Volunteer Repair Project course and others in the repair
groups.  We ask you to encourage your repair volunteers to
view this film.  A videotape is being mailed to each repair
group.  Test equipment will also be available for issue to

This film was produced by Tom McLaughlin, quality assurance
specialist, and Kevin Watson, assistant equipment and
materials maintenance coordinator (EMMC), with the
assistance of George Thuronyi, Publications and Media
Section writer-editor.

For further information contact:

Kevin Watson
Assistant Equipment and Materials
Maintenance Coordinator