Network Bulletin No. 98-62

Date: November 13, 1998

Subject: CMLS

Index term: Proposal for address labels on magazine
subscriptions to include network telephone number

NLS is proposing to add a network library phone number to
NLS magazine address labels in order to assist persons who
want to contact libraries about patrons' magazine
subscriptions.  The proposed format has received approval
from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Samples are provided on
the attachment so you may compare the proposed format to the
current format.  Label size may be slightly different when
finalized. The phone number can be either the library's 800
number or its direct-dial phone number.  NLS will explore
having both phone numbers on the label.  Please keep in mind
that 800 numbers usually serve a limited geographical area.
The phone number for braille magazine subscriptions will be
the patron's braille-lending library.

The mailing envelope will also have a preprinted message
such as:  "For questions or information call the phone
number on the address label," which was also approved by the

This proposal is based on a dialogue between the CMLS
Working Group and the network CMLS Advisory Team. The short-
term goal is to revise label formats for magazines in 1999.
Labels for other publications such as Talking Book Topics
would be revised at a later date.

We need your comments on this proposal relayed to the CMLS
Advisory Team representative for your conference or system
by December 4.  Your comments will be shared with the Team
and the Working Group.   A form for your comments is
attached.  Please refer to Network Bulletin 98-20, dated
March 27, 1998, for a list of Team members.  The new
representative for the South is Stephanie Temple from
Mississippi, and her email is:  [log in to unmask]  She
replaced Sonia Williams, who resigned to pursue her


For further information contact:
Barbara Peterman
CMLS Coordinator

Current and proposed label formats are below.  Based on the
information given to you in the attached network bulletin,
please respond to the following questions and return the
form to your representative on the CMLS Advisory Team by
December 4, 1998.

____ My library approves of the proposed label format.
____ Include only one phone number.
____ Include two phone numbers if possible.
____ We have additional comments or questions as follows:

Name of

Name of network

Date: ________________________________

Sample of Current Label (now in use)

90878 DC1A NYTI
Stephen Prine
150 Paddington St NE
Washington, DC 20003

Proposed Label Format

Tel: (202) 727-2142

90878 DC1A NYTI
Stephen Prine
150 Paddington St NE
Washington, DC 20003