Publications Report No. 98-12

Date: November 20, 1998

Subject: Publications Quantities

In early 1999, NLS will again be offering catalogs and
bibliographies of recorded and braille books.  The attached
survey gives you the opportunity to order the number of
copies of each publication that you require.  In addition,
we are asking you to review the number of continuing
publications you receive on a subscription basis.  The
information we receive from you will be entered into the
CMLS library database.  Please refer to the attached
printout for quantities of continuing publications you
currently receive.

Patrons are being sent order forms for catalogs and
bibliographies.  Patron requests are being entered into CMLS
so that their orders will be filled automatically when the
publications are ready.  New patrons and those who did not
receive catalogs in the past will need to request these
items from their libraries.  Libraries should order a
sufficient number to handle these requests.

Each regional and subregional library is receiving this
order form.  Regionals may coordinate with subregionals if
they wish.

Return the completed form to the Publications and Media
Section by December 9, 1998, in the enclosed return
envelope, or fax it to (202) 707-0712.  Libraries that do
not complete this survey will keep receiving continuing
publications but will not receive any new ones.  Please note
that some requests may be adjusted by NLS in order to meet
budgetary requirements.


For further information contact:
Robert E. Fistick
Head, Publications and Media Section

November 1998

To: Publications and Media Section, NLS
Subject: Publications Order Form for Libraries

Return by December 9, 1998

A. Continuing Publications

Instructions for this section only:

 1. Consult the enclosed computer printout for continuing
publications you now receive.

 2. Decide whether you want to make any _changes _in the
quantities of these publications.

 3. Mark __only the changes__ in the appropriate space on
this page.  Where you do not wish to make changes, leave the
space blank.  Do not return the computer printout.

Title                                   Quantity

Braille Book Review, braille (BBR1)     ___________

Braille Book Review, large print (BBR2) ___________

Braille Book Review and Talking Book Topics,___________
computer diskette (TBR7)

News, print (NEW0)      ___________

News, braille (NEW1)    ___________

Talking Book Topics, large print (TBT2) ___________

Talking Book Topics, cassette (TBT3)  __________

Talking Book Topics, disc (TBT4) ______________

Update, print (UPD0)___________

Update, braille (UPD1)___________

B. New Publications

Please fill in the quantity desired for these new catalogs
and bibliographies.  Indicate number of individual items,
rather than number of boxes desired.

Title                                           Quantity

Braille Books 1997 1998, large print (BRK2)     __________
publication date: February 1999

Braille Books 1997 1998, braille (BRK1)   ______________
publication date: summer 1999

Cassette Books 1998, large print (CES2) __________
publication date: February 1999

Cassette Books 1998, flexible disc (CES)   __________
publication date: summer 1999

Religion and Inspiration, large print (RIN2)  __________
publication date: fall 1999

Religion and Inspiration, cassette (RIN3) __________
publication date: winter 1999

Religion and Inspiration, braille (RIN1 __________
publication date: winter 1999