Network Bulletin No. 98-64

Date: November 20, 1998

Subject: Reader Advisory Services

Index term: "Online Reader Advisor List"

The North Dakota Regional Library has established an online
"Reader Advisor List."  This is a direct result of the
reader advisory pre-conference workshop held in Burlington,
Vermont, in May.  The advisor list will be done on a trial
basis to determine interest and participation.  The list is
open to network library staff who have questions, comments,
suggestions about reader advisory service and how it can be
improved.  All network libraries are invited to participate.

To subscribe, send an e-mail to
<[log in to unmask]>.  In the message, type:
Subscribe readadv (your name).  You will receive a "welcome

As attendance at the reader advisor workshop indicated that
there is an interest in this activity, NLS encourages
network library staff to participate.

For further information contact:

Stephen Prine
Network Services Section