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> I really, really hope Mel will share how to downloard AM onto a
> computer.  This would help me until the Internet is installed in Feb.
> Sybil Connolly
For Sybil, Sandra and anyone else who might be interested, there are
two possible ways that I know of:

1) With a MAC, take a picture of the entire page on the screen and a
little extra by simultaneously pushing apple and shift and 3.  It will
load automatically on your harddrive as picture 1, picture 2, etc.
These can be moved to a disk and opened as separate documents.  I did
this as a back up plan for internet assignments and lo and behold the
first time we tried to use the internet, after 5 minutes, it went out.
 Since I had prepped the kids in the classroom with drawings on the
blackboard which they had to copy--step 1, step 2, etc., when the time
came, they for the most part knew exactly what to do.

2) For presentations, using a PC and Microsoft Word '97, I went to
File, then Edit and saved as  PC Microsoft Word documents.  At first I
tried it out and thought I had saved the entire AM website, but to my
dismay found out MSW just automatically linked into the internet.  But
I did find out that each document is an entire webpage with colors and
flashing pictures and can be scrolled up and down.  For UCLA, since we
had a PC laptop and a projector, we could open and close the documents
quickly.  But at the Monterey Conf., we used a MAC.  These documents
can be opened with graphics and all using MSW for Macs and PCs 6.01 or
something like that.  However, since the MAC had only 32MG of memory,
opening them was slower than with the PC.  Again, we solved that by
having overheads and using them when I needed time.

Marilyn is a great partner and always could thrill the audience while
I fumbled with the computer and documents.

Hope this helps,  Mel
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