I meant to e-mail the listserv, but replied to Ursula instead, so here's a

I thought the article was very good; and it's proved useful in furthering
the explanation of the concept of integrating technology in the classroom.

Although our project has been crawling rather than running, we did get a
minigrant from the Philadelphia Education Fund to support the project
(second semester with a new class) with resources, staff development, etc.
It's also becoming more interdisciplinary--an English teacher is joining us.


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>Good morning, Fellows!
>Yesterday's New York Times contains an article written by Jo Thomas
>concerning digital archives, and talks a bit about using such materials
>in classrooms.  Ms. Thomas contacted some of the Fellows on this list
>for the article.  There are some great resources at the bottom of the
>page, too.  Here's the URL:
>Ursula Marcum
>User Services
>National Digital Library
>Library of Congress