It's a bit early to start talking about an impeachment trial for
President Clinton, but you may wish to look at a great Web site on the
only president to be impeached - Andrew Johnson.  The site takes
articles, illustrations, and cartoons from Harper's Weekly's coverage
of the 1868 Johnson impeachment.  The following is exerpted from the
site's home page:
Finding Precedent:  The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

From the leading weekly newspaper of its time, HarpWeek presents
exclusive online access to Harper's Weekly coverage of the historic
1868 Johnson Impeachment  with over 200 excerpts from 1865-1869 
selected specifically for this site. 

        Over 200 excerpts from 1865-1869  selected specifically for this site.
        90 Editorials by George William Curtis
        47 News Articles and Briefs
        47 Illustrations of People and Events
        27 Political Cartoons by Thomas Nast and Others
        1 Illustrated Satire

Key Political Issues Affecting the Impeachment
Explanations of four central subjects influencing the political
environment of the impeachment.
 Reconstruction Policy: Radicalism versus Conservatism
 Future Control of Congress
 The Tenure of Office Act
 Personal Considerations Affecting the Vote to Impeach

What Were the Impeachment Arguments of 1867-1868?
Understand the legal, political and Constitutional arguments for and
against Impeachment  made by key Congressmen, defense counsel and
newspaper editors.

Who Was Who - Biographies and portraits of 28 important figures in the
impeachment drama.

What Happened in Andrew Johnson's Presidency?
Put yourself in the place of a Harper's Weekly reader of the 1860's.
Follow the week-to-week editorials and news stories and visualize the
Illustrations and cartoons  with the help of HarpWeek's explanatory
comments  as the clashes between President Johnson and Congress over
Reconstruction policies and practices build until they culminate in

Teaching Impeachment
Bring History to life in the classroom with HarpWeek's Impeachment
Simulation Game

The Articles and Rules of Impeachment
 The Articles of Impeachment
 The Rules of Impeachment