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>Dear fellow Fellows,
>How or are you dealing with the impeachment situation in class?  I'm very
>curious because I do a large unit on the Constitution with my fourth
>graders beginning in April and it looks like there may be a trial in the
>Senate a that point. My focus in the past has been on the document itself
>and how we can change it using the Civil Rights movement as an example.

I teach in a high school but I've been discussing the deal since the
beginning with my kids.

Today I had a *great* lesson.

We have the Wittle Channel 1 system and they discussed it, the bombing and
then offered a poll.  I had a computer in the classroom and Internet access
so after some discussion we got on and posted our
responses - after discussion and vote.

There was space for a comment [just in the morning] and I had the kids
break up into groups, compose a paragraph, write their paragraphs on the
board and we 'cut and pasted' to get one they all agreed to and posted it.

What a lesson!

Ron Stoloff

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