Hey nothing like a good impeachment to bring our little group back to life.
Hey how have you all been?

Well the impeachment thing.  My 8th graders are curious but for the most
part bored at this point.  We spoke about it a great deal at the start of
the year, but alas we had to move on.

I have been teaching now for 14 years and up to this year no newspaper
reporter has ever wanted to speak with me.  So far this year a reporter from
our local rag has phoned me 5 times concerning the Bill / Monica / Blue
Dress / Oval Office/ Impeachment issue.  The major question has been "how
are you dealing with this issue with your students"?   I get the distinct
impression that they just wanted to see if I was talking about the sex
stuff.  If the congress was impeaching Clinton for trading arms for hostages
or something minor like that, I doubt the newspaper would bother asking...

We should do this more often I really like listening to what you guys have
to say.

Have a great holiday season...