Hi all,
I'd like to add a personal note to this discussion.  My middle daughter is
a legislative aide in Tom DeLay's office.  Yep, she's been in on this from
the beginning so we've been getting an insider's prospective on EVERYTHING.
 We even have our very own copy of the Starr report!

Where did her interest in government begin?  In part with our dinner table
discussions and our challenges to think beyond what she read in textbooks,
but also through her government teacher in high school who challenged the
students to leave the classroom and see government in action.  His project
requirements led her to an internship, a major in college, active
participation in Model U.N., and work on the Hill.

We were at my youngest daughter's college graduation this weekend and were
watching CSPAN after the ceremony (The middle daughter had already called
her office for an update; checking CSPAN was a formality!).  Some of my
youngest daughter's friends - college educated (with masters' degrees
already) were not aware of the impeachment process and how it worked.

We have a golden opportunity to breathe life into history, just as my
daughter's teacher did.  I enjoyed watching my daughter expand her horizons
in her government class and I know  that is happening also in the classes
y'all are teaching as well.

This is real, this is serious, this is affecting the lives of countless
numbers of people, and deserves discussion.  I, too, would like to be a fly
on the wall in Arnold's class - that's our next generation at work, forming
the attitudes and interests that will influence the country's future.

Happy Holidays,
Judy, m.h.
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