Hello Judy,

What a fascinating glimpse of history you have given us! Thank you for
sharing this with us. What you have done is such a "humanizing" act. I
appreciate it very much!

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On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Judith K. Graves wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd like to add a personal note to this discussion.  My middle daughter is
> a legislative aide in Tom DeLay's office.  Yep, she's been in on this from
> the beginning so we've been getting an insider's prospective on EVERYTHING.
>  We even have our very own copy of the Starr report!
> Where did her interest in government begin?  In part with our dinner table
> discussions and our challenges to think beyond what she read in textbooks,
> but also through her government teacher in high school who challenged the
> students to leave the classroom and see government in action.  His project
> requirements led her to an internship, a major in college, active
> participation in Model U.N., and work on the Hill.
> We were at my youngest daughter's college graduation this weekend and were
> watching CSPAN after the ceremony (The middle daughter had already called
> her office for an update; checking CSPAN was a formality!).  Some of my
> youngest daughter's friends - college educated (with masters' degrees
> already) were not aware of the impeachment process and how it worked.
> We have a golden opportunity to breathe life into history, just as my
> daughter's teacher did.  I enjoyed watching my daughter expand her horizons
> in her government class and I know  that is happening also in the classes
> y'all are teaching as well.
> This is real, this is serious, this is affecting the lives of countless
> numbers of people, and deserves discussion.  I, too, would like to be a fly
> on the wall in Arnold's class - that's our next generation at work, forming
> the attitudes and interests that will influence the country's future.
> Happy Holidays,
> Judy, m.h.
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