Elizabeth and Amy --
thanks so much for sharing with all of us.  Bill and I have often commented
that the piece of this whole project from which we are the most removed is
actually seeing how students work with these materials.  It was really nice
to read your students' work to get a sense of the way they have synthesized
what they've learned from working with the AM collections.

And for everyone on this list... please follow the lead and continue to
share your students' work with the group!

Happy holidays!


>Hi all!
>Just wanted to touch base with the whole group about the project on which Amy
>and I have been working.  We had our students chose photographs from the
>Mathew Brady collection and analyze them.  They then had to research and write
>news articles to accompany the photographs.  The project went well and we
>recently uploaded all of the files.  Please take a look at our students' work!
>We are in the process of editing our lesson plan and uploading teacher
>materials.  We'll let you know when those are complete!
>Elizabeth Ridgway

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