Hi, everyone, the Subject of this mail is the title of a 1999 PLA
to be held at New Orleans -- Monday, June 28, 2:00-4:: p.m.

Description: Public library participation in national cooperative
cataloging is critical. Even non-participants should understand the
Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) and be able to recognize the
contributions of its participants. Library of Congress staff and PCC
participants will describe the benefits of cooperative cataloging and
explain the membership process.

Objectives: A. How cooperative cataloging can reduce the local work load
            B. How to recognize a core bibliographic record
            C. How to become a PCC participant

This program is sponsored by the PLA Cataloging Needs of Public
Libraries Committee and co-sponsored by CCS (I have not yet received its
written confirmation yet.)

The last sentence in the DESCRIPTION has included all of you. Besides
the speakers (unknown now), we intend to have as many as possible
participants to give a brief account (3-5 minutes) of their experience
in the Program. Any volunteer(s)? Once we have some idea how large is
the 'speakers' group, a tentative agenda will be set up for all of you
to comment on.

If all works out well, we intend to present a similar program at the PLA
National Conference in 2000.

At present, you need not to commit yourself, just let me know if you
would be interested.

Thanks and happy holidays!

Margaret Shen
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