There is an article in last Sunday's (11/29/98) New York Times, entitled
"Digitized Artifacts Are Making Knowledge Available to All, on Line" (p.
21).  While the reporter (Jo Thomas) doesn't actually mention EAD by
name, she does allude to encoding of archival finding aids as the basis
upon which much of this work is being done.  What's more, she actually
seems to understand the whole thing conceptually, which, in my
experience, is rare for newspaper reporters doing articles on libraries
and, most especially, archives.  In any event, it's a pretty good
article and should do much to spread public awareness of our work.  We
have concrete evidence that the article generated considerable new
traffic on our server on Sunday.

BTW, I don't actually recall making the remark about the elephants, but
it's the sort of thing I might well have said.


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