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Please check out the success story on rural electrification in other parts
of the world.  Our ACE partners have shared this story with us:

Please let everyone on the ACE list know about our Greenstar Project.

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This Monday, we will be installing a pilot in the Palestinian village
of Al-Kaabneh,  near Hebron.  This village of 2,000 has no
electricity and no running water.

Our pilot will provide 20 kWhr/day of electricity is equal to the
amount an average American urban home uses per day but is more than
one month's electricity for average rural home and, of course, has no
comparison when you have NEVER had electricity.


Arab Al-Kaabneh has about 2000 people.  The system is installed on
the grounds of a school and clinic.  These two structures are about
50 feet apart.  There are 86 children attending the school and a
doctor from Hebron comes by every so often.  The village at present
has no electricity, no running water,.....

The children will stage a song festival in honor of the first
electricity.  The water purifier is being installed in the school
children's drinking water.  The vaccine refrigerator is in the
clinic.  There is a teacher in the school to operate the computer and
internet communications set-up.