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Reference and Resource Sharing Marketing staffs have compiled this update,
which includes information on Resource Sharing, Electronic Publishing and
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OCLC Resource Sharing:
                Document Suppliers
                EBSCODoc ceased operation in September.
                UMI's Information Store will suspend the majority of their
services effective December 18th. Still available from UMI are: UMI's
Research Collections materials includes titles from Early English Books
(Pollard & Redgrave and Wing), Genealogy and Local History, American
Periodical Series and the Massachusetts Historical Society.

                OCLC continues to seek additional document suppliers to
serve the needs of our users.

                Fixed-fee Pricing for ILL
                Development is underway for a full implementation of ILL
Fixed Fee for fiscal year 1999/2000.  All libraries that have had ILL
activity during calendar year 1998 will be eligible to receive an ILL Fixed
Fee quote.

                ILL Direct Request
                The ILL Direct Request has had a tremendous impact in those
libraries that have implemented the service.  Approximately 70 libraries use
the service from such platforms as OCLC FirstSearch, OCLC WebZ software,
Innovative Interfaces ILL module, and the CIC/VEL program.

                In August OCLC installed enhancements to the service that
                                Duplicate detection
                                History function
                                Direct Produce message file category.

                ILL Direct Request will be enhanced to process journal
article requests. No firm date has been established.

                OCLC will be sponsoring an ILL Direct Request promotion from
January 1, 1999 through March 31, 1999.  Any institution that has activated
the FirstSearch/ILL link is eligible to participate in this promotion.  If
you have any other system or service that supports the ILL Direct Request
profiled produce option you too are eligible to participate in this free

                ILL Fee Management
                IFM usage continues to grow. Over 1140 libraries used IFM to
handle nearly 2 million dollars in transactions in the first five months of
the fiscal year.

                ILL Micro Enhancer for Windows
                Development of ILL ME for Windows Ver 2.0 is proceeding.
The product should be released to user by the second quarter of calendar
year 1999.

                The next version will be a 32-bit program requiring Windows
95 or Windows NT 4.0 or higher. It will not support the Multidrop dedicated
line access. Corrections to the software will include re-ordering the
Borrower Update tab pages to move Received to the front, speeding up

                To update functionality, the ME will be able to
automatically update Review records to Review In Process during download,
allow users to update records to Save status, and download Save and Review
In Process records. The ILL ME will also be able to download the two new
message file categories added to the ILL service in August.  Those
categories are Direct Produced and Online Produced.  Enhancements to the
current product include multiple conditional lending notes and scheduling
multiple download sessions.

                OCLC ILL Full-text option
                OCLC plans to introduce ILL Full-text option in January 1998
as a feature within the OCLC Interlibrary Loan (ILL) System.

                Full-text option will allow ILL staff the option of ordering
full-text documents from suppliers through the OCLC ILL interface using
existing workflows and procedures. ILL staff will search for bibliographic
records, display holdings, create and produce ILL requests using existing
procedures and features including custom holdings. Articles will be billed
through IFM.

                OCLC ILL Management Statistics
                Many OCLC ILL users are signing up for the ILL Management
Statistics service. As of December 1, 1998, we produced files for
approximately 290 users.   Two groups of academic libraries purchased the
ILL Management Statistics and intend to combine the data provided within the
statistics to monitor and manage the ILL activity within their group.

OCLC Reference Services

FirstSearch Databases:
Two new databases are now available on FirstSearch. They are Business &
Management Practices and Alt-HealthWatch.

                Business & Management Practices, produced by Responsive
Database Services, focuses on the practical aspects of business management
in the for-profit, not-for-profit, and non-profit worlds. Its content
emphasizes functions and issues, providing access to case studies, "how to"
articles, and real-world solutions. This database will be particularly
helpful to small business people and undergraduate students in need of
succinct, up-to-date information. Extensive indexing makes it easy for users
to get to relevant material by using terms familiar to them for the topics
they want to research. Full-text articles (approximately 60 per cent of the
database) are readily available online.

                Alt-HealthWatch, produced by SoftLine Information, Inc., is
a full-text and image database which focuses on complementary and
alternative approaches to health. It includes peer-reviewed journals,
reports, and proceedings, association and issue-oriented newsletters,
professional publications, consumer magazines, background pamphlets and
reference materials, many of which are unique to this database.
Alt-HealthWatch provides coverage on both professional and consumer levels
in subject areas such as acupuncture, mind-body medicine, chiropractic,
homeopathy, herbalism, aromatherapy, cross-cultural therapies, and
veterinary medicine. It includes literature from 1990 to the present,
offering outstanding critical depth and perspective.

                Business & Management Practices and Alt-HealthWatch are
available on the FirstSearch service in a Web version and a Z39.50 version.
Neither will be added to the TTY version of FirstSearch.

H.W. Wilson's Education Abstracts database will be linked to full text in
Wilson Select in January.

The New FirstSearch:
                Check out the New FirstSearch Home Page here:
                Integrates features and functions of OCLC FirstSearch, OCLC
FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online and OCLC EPIC services into a
single reference service.
                A brand new interface--for three skill levels and in three

                With the New FirstSearch, you and your users will be able

                ...identify resources quickly
                                *Limit searches to only the resources your
library or group holds
                                *Help users choose databases
                                *Cross-database searching
                                *Interfaces for novice, advanced and expert
searchers--in English, French and Spanish
                                *New searching features, including
truncation, wildcard, thesaurus-aided searching, sort options and relevance

                ... obtain relevant information easily
                                *Faster access to your holdings and online
full text
                                *Links to OCLC Interlibrary Loan
                                *Results lists that clearly indicate all
online full text, including electronic journals
                                *Links to Web sites
                                *Per-article access to articles in the
Electronic Collections Online database

                 ...manage the service to meet your library's needs
                                *Expanded customization options that you
control, including title-by title journal selection, and an on/off option
for full text and interlibrary loan at the database level
                                *New pricing options to meet your needs
                                *Support for group purchases that allows
extensive control within participating libraries

                For more information and ongoing updates, subscribe to

                New FirstSearch will be demonstrated at the OCLC booth
during the ALA Midwinter  conference in Philadelphia.  In addition, New
FirstSearch will be the focus of an OCLC breakfast on Sunday, January 31,
7:00 to 9:00 a.m. at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 103 A & B.
Online registration for the breakfast is available at
        New FirstSearch release plans:
        OCLC is currently planning a general release of New FirstSearch with
much new functionality and most databases in April 1999, followed by full
release of the new service in August 1999.  Regional Networks will be
trained during the first and second quarters of 1999, to prepare them for
network New FirstSearch training for member libraries.
What's New with Electronic Collections Online:
                Thirty-eight publishers have agreed to make well over 2,000
journals available through Electronic Collections Online.

                Publishers that have recently signed agreements to
distribute journals through ECO include the British Medical Association,
RAND, Oxford University Press, American Management Association and more.
See for a list of participating
publishers and available journals

                1,100 full-image journals are now available online

                1,100 journals are now available online through Electronic
Collections Online.  See for a
list of available journals.

                More than 800 electronic journals are now available at no
additional subscription fee to libraries that hold corresponding print

                Eighteen publishers are making the electronic versions of
more than 800 journals available at no additional cost through Electronic
Collections Online to institutions that subscribe to these titles in print
for 1999.  Your only cost to participate in this program is a journal fee of
$35 or less.  In exchange for this fee, you will receive access to the
entire Electronic Collections Online citation database, as well as abstracts
and articles in the 1999 (and in many cases, the 1998) volume of the
journals your library qualifies to receive.  For a description of this
program, as well as a list of eligible titles, please see

                Six FirstSearch databases have been linked to journals
available through Electronic Collections Online

                OCLC has linked records in the following FirstSearch
databases to corresponding full-text articles from Electronic Collections
Online journals: EconLit, Medline, PsycINFO, and PsycFIRST, and Social
Sciences Abstracts.  This functionality enables users to retrieve full-text
articles from ECO journals directly from the linked database.  A complete
list of journals linked to records in each database is available at

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