Network Bulletin No. 98-68

Date: December 18, 1998

Subject: Magazines

Index term: Procedures for claiming issues of missing

We have reviewed procedures for claiming magazines for
subscribers with valid subscriptions who may not have
received an issue or whose copy was received damaged.
A network library can "claim" such missing issues. The
process is as follows:

       Reader notifies the library of a missing issue.
       The deadline for the library to claim is three
       months from the issue date.

       Library verifies subscription and subscriber and
       sends a claim to CMLS.  This claim process may be
       done by sending an e-mail or fax.  Include in the
       message the name and address of subscriber,
       magazine code, library ID, subscriber ID, and the
       date of the missing issue.  You may continue to use
       the NLS form 73-112 if you wish.  It is not
       required.  The e-mail address is:
       [log in to unmask] The fax number is:
       (407) 724-4267.

       CMLS verifies the claim, and, if valid, forwards
       the claim to the producer.  This step will be
       completed by e-mail or fax.

       Producer will fill the claim, if possible, and
       notify the library by e-mail or fax that the
       claim was filled or unfilled.

       If the claim was valid but cannot be filled, the
       library may offer to loan the subscriber a back
       issue from its own stock or from the Multistate
       Center West (MSCW).

We strongly encourage libraries to subscribe to NLS-produced
magazines.  Subscriptions will allow libraries to provide a
missing issue in situations such as this.  They also provide
samples for readers who may wish to examine a title before
subscribing, or for new subscribers who have not received
their first issues.

Back issues of NLS-produced cassette, flexible-disc, and
braille magazines are available from the MSCW for loan
purposes only.  The MSCW keeps back issues of the current
year and the previous five years.  Network libraries may
submit an interlibrary loan request to the MSCW to obtain
back issues.

NLS is revising section 6.4.6 of the Network Library Manual

For further information contact:

Barbara Peterman
CMLS Coordinator