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This list is NOT moderated, and neither are the BIBCO nor PCCTRNG PCC
lists for which I provide listowner services.  This list has been up
for over a year and Adam's mistakenly posted message is the first
such error, which is not a bad average.  The former PCC Executive
Council agreed that the PCC lists could be unmoderated unless there
were a lot of these types of messages and it became needed to
moderate.  As it is now, it is up to all those who post to take
responsibility for their messages to make sure they are correct in
both content and recipient(s).  I personally feel it also a good
training tool--I bet Adam will be a bit more careful next time.

David Williamson, Listowner

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998 08:28:13 -0600, Shoshanah Seidman wrote:

>I do not know if this list is monitored.  I hope it is because I think that
>messages like the one from Mr. Schiff should be screened out.  This is not
>censure it is just decency.
>Shoshanah Seidman

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