Dear Fellows,

Here is another primary source that might fit in or complement with some
of the current projects:

7.  Oral History Online!

The Bancroft Library at the University of California-Berkeley has recently
begun a project to place portions of its oral history collection online in
full text. The transcripts will be marked up in SGML using the Text
Encoding Initiative (TEI), which will allow complex searches of the entire
text. In addition to the transcripts themselves, the remainder (photos,
prefaces, contents pages) of the published volumes will also be encoded to
provide complete access. At this stage, the Suffragists Oral History
Project, which offers the text of interviews with twelve suffragists and
women's activists for searching or browsing, is the only project available
online in complete form. Projects under construction include the Disabled
Persons Independence Movement and the BioTech Project. Among the future
planned additions are oral histories of the Free Speech Movement at
Berkeley, the Earl Warren gubernatorial era, and African-American Alumni at
the University of California. Historians of California and oral historians
will want to monitor the site as it develops. [MD]

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