Dear EADers:

I'm currently experimenting with the SGML features within WordPerfect,
but am having little success.  In fact, I haven't been able to get past
the initial file mapping template within the DTD Compiler.

Up to this point, I have been working in the SoftQuad suite, and have
produced an EAD marked-up document instance, along with a stylesheet in
Panorama Pro.  The only problem with SoftQuad's output is that it is not
XML compliant.

On attempting to make use of WordPerfect SGML, the initial file mapping
template produces a series of errors, and subsequently prodcued no
'logic' (.lgc) file.  My first error reads as such:

Entity Mapping Error:
       Cannot open external entity "ISO Registration Number 100//CHARSET
ECMA-94 Right Part of Latin Alphabet Nr.1//ESC 2/13 4/1 (no entity
mapping file)

I 'commented out' this particular section of the eadsgml.dlc file, and
this seems to work for that particular file.  But the compiler proceeded
to give an error for yet another section of yet another file.

I've found the WordPerfect SGML documentation to be of very little help,
and unfortunately there is virtually no practical literature on
WordPerfect's SGML features.   Does anybody have any suggestions or
practical advice?  Also, I was wondering whether WordPerfect's SGML
output is, in fact, XML compliant (ie. outputs in lower case, as opposed
to SoftQuad's upper case only output)?

Derrick Clements
York University Archives and Special Collections
Toronto, Canada

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