Hello Derrick,

My name is Jon Riewe and I'm with Blue Angel Technologies, Inc. in
Valley Forge, PA.  Blue Angel develops and licenses a variety of
software tools for delivering and managing information.  All of our
tools support XML.

Reading you note, I thought you might be interested in a new tool
(MetaDoor InterChange) that we just released.  Unlike most other XML
authoring tools, MetaDoor InterChange separates the data entry function
from the process of defining a record structure.  It works with
Microsoft Excel (and soon Word).  This means that the data entry
template design is flexible and can be used in any way that is most
comfortable and intuitive for the user.  It also means that the person
entering the data does not need to understand XML or be concerned with
record structures.  This feature is particularly useful to organizations
that want to provide data entry templates to groups of people who have
little or no experience with XML.

The process of defining a record structure is typically be done by
someone who is familiar with the structure of the data.  Once the record
structure is defined, the template can be distributed to any number of
people for data entry.  The process of defining a record structure is
quite simple. The user clicks on a menu item within the Microsoft
desktop application.  A dialogue box appears that allows the user to
define the structure using a familiar tree control.  Simple drag and
drop features allow easy manipulation of data elements to define the
record structure.  Each of the data elements are then mapped to range
names or fields within the underlying desktop application.

The user can enter any number of records within the spreadsheet (or in
multiple sheets).  When they want to create the XML files, they select
an "export" function, define the directory where they want the files to
be placed and click "ok".  That's it.  Hundreds (or thousands) of XML
files can be automatically created.

The price of MetaDoor InterChange is $49 per seat.

If this sounds like something that would be useful, let us know.

Jon Riewe

Blue Angel Technologies
1220 Valley Forge Road
PO Box 987
Valley Forge, PA  19482-0987
Phone:  610-917-9200
Fax:  610-917-9958

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> From:         Derrick Clements[SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
> Sent:         Friday, January 08, 1999 2:52 PM
> To:   Multiple recipients of list EAD
> Subject:      WordPerfect SGML
> Dear EADers:
> I'm currently experimenting with the SGML features within WordPerfect,
> but am having little success.  In fact, I haven't been able to get
> past
> the initial file mapping template within the DTD Compiler.
> Up to this point, I have been working in the SoftQuad suite, and have
> produced an EAD marked-up document instance, along with a stylesheet
> in
> Panorama Pro.  The only problem with SoftQuad's output is that it is
> not
> XML compliant.
> On attempting to make use of WordPerfect SGML, the initial file
> mapping
> template produces a series of errors, and subsequently prodcued no
> 'logic' (.lgc) file.  My first error reads as such:
> Entity Mapping Error:
>        Cannot open external entity "ISO Registration Number
> 100//CHARSET
> ECMA-94 Right Part of Latin Alphabet Nr.1//ESC 2/13 4/1 (no entity
> mapping file)
> I 'commented out' this particular section of the eadsgml.dlc file, and
> this seems to work for that particular file.  But the compiler
> proceeded
> to give an error for yet another section of yet another file.
> I've found the WordPerfect SGML documentation to be of very little
> help,
> and unfortunately there is virtually no practical literature on
> WordPerfect's SGML features.   Does anybody have any suggestions or
> practical advice?  Also, I was wondering whether WordPerfect's SGML
> output is, in fact, XML compliant (ie. outputs in lower case, as
> opposed
> to SoftQuad's upper case only output)?
> Sincerely,
> Derrick Clements
> York University Archives and Special Collections
> Toronto, Canada
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